15 Ethical and Organic Bedding Brands Luxury and Soft Bedding Set:

SOL Organics, a global nonprofit that promotes sustainable organic living, has been making luxury bedding for over 25 years. Their line of 100% organic cotton bedding, which is Fair Trade certified, is affordable and made with high-quality fabrics.

It also uses 91 percent less water than conventional cotton to produce its sheets. The company is committed to maintaining a low environmental impact.

The Holy Lamb Organics line of bedding with the highest quality OEKO-TEX certified cotton. They are committed to producing bedding that is as natural as possible and free from chemicals.
Their factory also practices green building practices and is scent-free. Their bed linens with eco-friendly recycled polyfill that won’t rip or fray.

Luxury and Soft Bedding:

The Plover bedding line uses organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. All cotton is grown without pesticides and herbicides and dyed using nontoxic chemicals.

The company’s sheets in the USA, with hydrogen peroxide bleaching to ensure no dye is released into water systems. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Pact is a US company that sells 100% organic bedding. They also donate to the fight against human trafficking. Their sheets and pillowcases are from recycled plastic bottles. You can try these sheets and pillowcases and see if they work for you.

Delilah Home Bedding:

Most of their bedding products have a 30-day no quibble return policy, so there’s no risk of buying the wrong one!

The Delilah Home bedding from hemp, which is a renewable material. Its sheets are 50% thicker than typical bed sheets and are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. They’re also certified by the Global Fair Trade Organization.

All these benefits will make you want to sleep in a greener world. So try some of these bedding brands and be sure to check out each of them!

Sustainable Brand:

The Undercover Living brand offers a wide range of bedding that is eco-friendly. Their duvet covers 50% long-staple cotton and 50% Tencel, which is a sustainable material.

They also use a partnership with a wind power manufacturing company to make their linens. And their packaging is also plastic-free!

Savvy Rest is a local, sustainable brand that is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard and donates to American Forests, the oldest and largest nonprofit conservation organization in the US.

Mississippi River:

They support reforestation along the Mississippi River, which is vital for the ecosystem. They also produce sheets made of organic cotton. Whether you’re looking for luxurious bedding or a simple bed sheet, these companies are here to help.

Square Flower Bedding is a great option. The organic cotton used by this brand is from Maharashtra, India. All of their products with natural plant extracts and are plastic-free. As an eco-conscious brand, this is an eco-friendly option for bedding.

They also support sustainable agriculture and use recycled materials. Then, they offer recycled bags for shipping.

Organic Sheets:

Attitude is a popular brand that sells down and organic sheets. The company is 100% vegan, and its sheets are sustainable from the farm to the consumer.

Profits from their products go to charities. They support education, anti-trafficking, and women’s rights. And they use fair trade methods to produce their sheets. So, they are a great choice for allergy-prone individuals.
SOL Organics is another company that focuses on mattresses made in the USA. They use GOTS-certified cotton for their beds, as well as sustainable cotton and bamboo fabrics.

They also use a zero-waste water recycling process to produce their bedding. Offer a variety of colors to suit the preferences of most people. And, because they are environmentally conscious, they’re more likely to with their bedding.

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