Pack Of 2 Pcs 100% Pure Cotton Bath Sheet Set – Regal Blue


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Elevate your post-shower routine with our Pack of 2 Pure Cotton Bath Sheets. More absorbent than towels, these sheets provide extra coverage and are perfect for daily use. Crafted from 100% pure cotton with a luxurious 700 GSM fabric, they offer a velvety feel and sophisticated appearance with double-stitching borders. Choose from modern colors to add elegance to your bathroom while supporting responsibly sourced cotton. Enjoy years of comfort and style with these lightweight and quick-drying bath sheets.


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Pack Of 2 Pcs Bath Sheet:

Bath sheets are more absorbent than bath towels because they provide a more extensive surface area for drying off. Bath sheets are a better choice if you discover that a single Solid bath towel is insufficient. You may quickly wrap them around your body if you need or want more coverage.


With this beautiful pure cotton bath sheet, you can add a touch of elegance and class to your bathroom. These high-quality sheets are woven from 100% pure cotton for extreme comfort and durability. In addition, our bath sheets are luxurious since they were created with the best and longest fibers possible.

Light Weight:

This pure cotton bath sheet feels luxurious on the skin due to its incredibly fluffy texture and soft feel. It’s ideal for daily use because of its lighter weight and quick drying time. Choose from various sizes and modern colors to build a Solid bath sheet set that best complements your bathroom’s design. This product supports cotton that is sourced responsibly.


Moreover, they are made of (700 GSM) fabric, which makes them incredibly soft, velvety, and extra absorbent. A sophisticated double-stitching border gives them a luxurious appearance. Secondly, we have more than 25 years of experience designing attractive bath sheet collections. You should get years of use out of these bath sheets!

Note: Be sure to clean the lint trap in your dryer and follow the suggested care directions on the label.

Care Tips:

  • Use the gentle cycle to wash the bath sheet.
  • Hand washes bath sheets of different colors and whites separately.
  • Never use bleach, household cleaners, or personal care items to prevent discoloration.
  • Avoid using liquid fabric softener because it might lead to waxy buildup, which can decrease the absorbency of your bath sheet.
  • Hang your bath sheet on hooks or racks to air dry after use.

Size Details:

  • 80cm x 160cm

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Pure Cotton BathsheetPack Of 2 Pcs 100% Pure Cotton Bath Sheet Set – Regal Blue

Availability: 33 in stock

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