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Experience pure comfort with our 100% Pure Cotton Bath Towel – a blend of unmatched softness and absorbency. Crafted with a 600 G.S.M weight, these towels maintain their thick, dense comfort after every wash. Lightweight yet absorbent, they feature substantial hemmed borders for enhanced quality and elegance. Perfect for every part of your home, hotels, gyms, and as thoughtful gifts, these towels offer enduring luxury with an elegant and simple design.


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100% Pure Cotton Bath Towel:

It’s time to relax after the shower. The Premium pure cotton Bath Towel, our most opulent towel to date makes from 100% pure cotton for unmatched softness and absorbency. No matter how often you wash it, the 600 G.S.M weight guarantees thick, dense comfort.

Lightweight and Absorbent:

100% Pure Cotton towels of woven fabric give maximum strength, softness, and absorption. Cotton with a tight-knit enables the best skin moisture wicking. More substantial hemmed border edges on towels increase their quality, strength, elegance, and design. Towels are perfect for usage in every part of your house, at hotels, gyms, beaches, swimming pools, and salons, and as housewarming presents.

Elegant and Simple Design:

We at Bedding King offer you one of our bath towel sets that is the perfect set of towels for your house. The generous sizes in these sets equal the softness and quality of opulent hotel-grade towels making them strong, quick-drying, and lasting. In addition, we use premium thread to create our products. In fact, they would not decrease or be damaged with time. Furthermore, you enjoy our product’s durable materials and distinctive stylings.

Perfect Gift:

Use these high-quality towels in every part of your house, including the bathrooms, kitchen, guest rooms, and nursery, and even take them to the gym! Continuous use and washing will only make them softer and more absorbent. Our bath towel sets are excellent starters for your friends and family due to their high quality and affordability. The primary colors we offer make it simple to match current towels or use as a starter set that can expand over time.

Care Tips:

  • Avoid using bleach, fabric softeners, or irons, as they could compromise the fabric’s quality.
  • Always wash towels separately to reduce lint.
  • Machine-wash in warm water with a mild detergent and tumble dry on low.
  • Immediately line dry.

Size Details:

  • 69cm x 137cm

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Raspberry Pink Pure Cotton Bath TowelPack Of 2 pcs 100% Pure Cotton Bath Towel – Raspberry Pink

Availability: 35 in stock

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