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Discover the perfect soft blanket at Bedding King. Our blankets offer cozy warmth, stunning prints, and durable quality. Protect your bed and couch while adding a touch of style to your home decor. With options in various sizes and a 10-year warranty, find the ideal blanket to suit your needs. Enjoy the luxurious feel of our double-ply blankets, crafted for durability and portability. Wrap yourself in comfort and style with our polar fleece fabric, available in a range of designs and colors.



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Stunning Prints:

Our cotton blankets are cozy to the touch, fluffy, and incredibly soft to keep you warm. Secondly, it protects your bed and couch from dirt and stains to keep them fresh and clean. Finally, the stunning color revives this blanket throw with an attractive and excellent appearance. You are simply wrapping yourself in comfort and warmth with them. Also, decorate your home with these lovely items in the winter. You can also mix and match printed blankets with other bedding essentials. Bedding King also provides them in a variety of sizes and we offer a 10-year warranty on our printed materials.

Double Ply Blanket:

In simple terms, “ply” refers to the number of threads twisted together to create a single thread for stitching. Our Two-ply blankets are Lightweight, strong, and neatly foldable. A great feeling and incredibly soft. Withstand shrinking and wrinkling. Our selection of polar fleece fabric is ideal for covering furniture pieces like couches, mattresses, chairs, and sofa beds. In addition, you may use it for traveling, glamping, or camping, all made possible by its versatility because it is simple to roll up and stow in a bag or car trunk. Plus, they are anti-pilling, anti-wrinkle, anti-allergic, and non-shedding. Excellent for those with allergies and asthma problems!

Why you’ll love this product?

Our polar fleece fabric is non-fray ad won’t bobble over time. These range from children’s single cotton blankets to adults snuggling under them. It is accessible to transport and store and can be used outdoors and indoors. Incredibly soft to the touch and when you wrap yourself in it, you’ll feel soothed and safe. It has an eye-catching and inspired design available in different designs, prints, and colors.

Care Instructions:

  • The blanket is machine washable at 40°C with reduced spin.
  • We advise against using iron, bleach,
  • Dry cleaning or tumble drying
  • Do not mangle.
  • Ironing is not required.
  • Enduring print won’t disappear over time.


  • 2Kg Heavy
  • 2 Ply Blanket
  • Super Soft
  • Supreme Quality
  • A 10-year assurance on print and materials.

Size Details:

  • 160 x 220 cm

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Printed Soft Cozy Blanket 160 x 220 cm – Berry Blue
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