Choosing Bed Linen in Australia- Five Things to Keep in Mind

Bedding basically serves two purposes:
It helps in the bedroom’s overall aesthetic, and it can produce an appealing comforting covering that you can’t wait to feel at the end of a long day – and always want to be on even when the early morning alarm goes off!
Considering the fact that it plays such a vital role in your room (and maybe your sleep), it’s not an acquisition that can without proper homework.
Top-quality, luxury bed linen is an asset that gives us comforting rest and given the enormous array of options available in terms of thread count, fibre, design and, of course, finish, it can be challenging to select the best option.
To make your sleep better and life easier, and I have compiled this foolproof shopper’s guide to top-quality bed linen that includes all you need to with before buying bed linen online in Australia.


It’s a general misconception that the only indicator of quality is thread count, considering that fibre really plays a large part in the quality of bedding, too.
More precisely, the length, strength and fineness of the fibre used.
Generally, cotton is the best fibre used in bed linen due to its soft, breathable and comfortable nature.
Cotton is also a super long-lasting fabric that ages well.

Egyptian cotton Bed sheet set:

Sincerely speaking, a long fibre is what you should look for if you need high-quality bed linen.
Egyptian cotton is the best cotton because it has a fine, long fibre.
Next is Pima cotton which is a medium-to-long fibre that makes it cheaper without losing its quality.
If something’s regarded as 100% cotton, it’s normally upland cotton, which has good value, but is likely to mass and feel rough because of its small fibre length.


Bamboo and Linen fibres are together recognised for their insulation qualities, keeping you cool on temperate summertime evenings and warm in midwinter, too.
If you love the ease of a cotton-polyester blend (bonus: no don’t iron) keep the polyester element less than 10% else you lose the insulation and softness benefits.

THREAD COUNT Bed sheet set:-

Once you’ve decided on the type of fibre you want, thread count can to further determine quality.
Basically, thread count is the number of threads intertwined into one square inch of cloth.
The more the number of threads, the greater the thread counts.


As a common guide, standard bedding will usually have a thread count of 200-800. Nevertheless.
It’s worth saying that higher thread count single-handedly doesn’t strictly indicate quality.
the type of fabric is always a contributing factor too. For example, a 300 thread count cotton sheet of Egyptian Nile origin.
Will feel comfier and be softer than a 600 thread count polyester-blend sheet.
Note that anything above 600 will be heavier and denser, making it a better choice in the colder months.
And, it is better to be careful of a thread count over 800 with a cheap price that seems too low to be true.
It is probably a selling ploy using multiple-ply picks or thread to boost thread count.


Weaves have different features and, as such, the weave type used affects the smoothness and feel of your bed linen.
A regular weave, at the lesser end of the scale, features the same number of horizontal and vertical yarns and is not usually advertised on the packing.


When buying cheap bed linen in Australia online, it is advisable you ensure they have return policy with favourable conditions in case you find a fault with the bed linen.

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