How to Make a Pillowcase for side sleepers memory foam pillows

How to make a pillowcase is easy when you follow the steps below. First of all, cut a strip of fabric from the right side of the fabric to be used for the pillowcase. Then, fold the fabric over 4 inches and press it. You will need to press the fabric again. fold the strip in half again and press it to the centerline. Then, tuck in the raw edges. Sew along the edge of the fabric. You can use a thread or a tie to thread the strips through the casing.

Next, you will need to prepare the fabric for your pillowcase. Prewash and dry the fabric before you start sewing it. If the fabric has raw edges, it will unravel or tangle. You can cut it if it tangles. You must also press the fabric flat to remove large wrinkles. When you are finished, turn the piece of fabric inside out and pin it down. Then, use a zigzag stitch to stitch the raw edges together.

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Next, prepare the seam. Fold the fabric over by 3.5 inches and pin it into place. This will form the outer edge seam. Now, you can sew the bottom edge to the right side of the fabric. This will create a faux cuff or french seam. The opening side will be seen from the right side of the fabric. If you want to use a serger, you can also stitch the sides together by using a zigzag stitch and a serger.

The next step in making a pillowcase is to prepare the fabric for it. Lay the patterned side of the fabric on the wrong side of the pillowcase and clip the corners. Once these two pieces are lined up, you can sew the fabric with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. You can now turn the pillowcase right side out and press the corners. Once you are done, you can now start sewing the top and bottom sides of the pillowcase.

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If you would like to add decoration to your pillowcase, hem the edges with a French seam. You can add ribbons or decorative lace around the hemline to cover the stitch. If you want to add an embroidered pillowcase, you can do so now. In this step, you will stitch the sides of the pillowcase with a straight pin. Afterward, press the fabric flat.

To make a pillowcase, fold the fabric right side down. You will need to fold the fabric in half. Then, cut the short edges on the left and right sides. Finally, sew the pillowcase with a quarter or eighth-inch seam allowance. To add detail, you can trim the bottom corners. Alternatively, you can sew the sides of the pillowcase together. Afterward, you can attach a ribbon and stitch the two pieces together.

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Now, you can sew the sides and the bottom edge. You can also sew the long and short edges with a decorative stitch. Depending on your preference, you can use a different fabric for the cuff. For example, you can use a contrasting color of fabric, or you can sew a band. Regardless of your preference, there is an easy way to make a pillowcase that is quick and inexpensive to make!

The first step to making a pillowcase is to lay the fabric with the wrong side facing up. To do this, measure the fabric and place it on the sewing machine. Now, you will stitch the fabric with a sewing gauge to turn it on the wrong side. The fabric is now ready to use. Once you have sewn the border, the seam will be pressed to the right and the main fabric.

Once the fabric is cut, you can sew the cuff and the band of the pillowcase. To make the cuff, turn the pillowcase right-side-out and press the seam. After all, the finished pillowcase measures 30″ x 19″ and is perfect for your favorite pillows. It looks great and will last for a long time. This is the easiest way to make a pillowcase!

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