Quality Features of Egyptian Cotton Sheets for Obtaining Complete Comfort

With the reputable status of being the finest cotton in the world, it is highly unlikely that you have not heard of Egyptian cotton before.
If you have been wondering why it is the best and why you should get a cotton sheet of Egyptian origin for complete comfort, there are notable features that make it stand out.
Recently, many people have been asking us why Egyptian cotton consider superior to any regular cotton.
People want to know the main differences and in this piece, we will highlight the key features that differentiate Egyptian cotton.
The first difference is the fact that Egyptian cotton and Regular Cotton are from different plants. As a result, there have different properties.


Egyptian cotton has more than a few features that make it unique starting from the length of the fiber which is longer compared to regular cotton. The longer fiber makes Egyptian cotton stronger than usual cotton with fewer splices than when using regular cotton.
A stronger fiber is more resistant to stress making it more durable. The longer fibers also produce a soft and shiny yarn that is smarter than regular cotton. Coming from different plants, Egyptian and regular cotton have various differences.

Higher thread count:-

The thread count in Egyptian cotton is higher per inch compared to regular cotton. This produces an exceptionally tight weave which as well makes the fabric tougher, meaning Egyptian cotton sheets will definitely last longer than other cotton sheets.
The thread count which refers to the number of threads in each square inch is very significant regarding bed linens and (even though this is not the solitary factor as the yarn quality is also important).
The thread count can be as high as 1000, with 800-1000 being the decisive indulgence in linens.
This is of course comes with a price as the price rise alongside the thread count.


Egyptian produced cotton has a very glossy texture that differentiates it from any other cotton variety.
It is very supple and smooth. The finest quality towels, clothing, pillowcases, and sheets produce using Egyptian cotton.


Egyptian cotton is also more porous than any other cotton. 
This helps it infuse up moisture much better than regular cotton giving a comforting sleep to users.

Less Lint:-

Cotton produced in the Egyptian fields will also produce a reduced amount of lint and hence will not pill after frequent washings as some materials may do.
At one time, getting genuine Egyptian fiber cotton sheets was only possible by shopping at exclusive and expensive stores.
Things have positively changed and most online bedding stores and department stores have in stock a different selection of Egyptian-produced cotton sheets and other sheet items for buyers looking for this quality product.
Buyers should also note that there are other countries that produce standards.
Egyptian cotton but cotton is not produced under the finest condition like the Nile Valley cotton.
Some of the Egyptian cotton produced in other countries are also harvested mechanically making.

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