Choosing the Perfect Quilt Cover Set for a Classic Bedroom

What is a quilt cover for you? Is it just a cover for your quilt or is there anything more in it for you? Well if you don’t take in any consideration when buying a quilt cover, it will be just like any other cover you have in your bedroom. It will be no different from the washable pillowcases in your house.

But experts know that quilt covers are so much more than just what they appear to be. The main reason is that they come in so many varieties and styles.

When it comes to picking them, therefore, many people find themselves much overwhelmed. It might not be very easy to choose the right on for your bedroom.

It will not be of any help if you just choose anything on the market. You have to very careful and considerate of the cover you choose if you want it to serve you in the best manner. The secret lies in knowing what, how and where to look.

In this article, four critical considerations are outlined.

1. Design

There are just too many designs on the market. It is not about what simply appeals when it comes to choosing quilt cover sets.

You need to get the right size of the cover for your bed and duvet. Doing this ensures that your choice matches with your décor. Do not take a quilt cover that doesn’t march the littlest detail in your house including furnishings, throws, and cushions.

The design of quilt covers, however, goes much deeper. For example, a double quilt cover size will have a different price from super king quilt cover. This means that the materials and other factors will affect the price of your cover. Be it the simple, intricate design of a complicated weave.

The secret here lies in finding a good source with experienced designers. Designers that have an eye for details will make your work much easier.

2. The material

Whether you know it or not, quilt covers come in all sorts of materials. The most common types on a material known to many today are cotton and cotton blend, flannel, synthetic material, and luxurious silk.

The type of material the cover is made from will determine the price it goes out for. The characteristics of the materials, like how easy it is to clean will also change the way they are chosen.

If you want more heat insulation for warmer nights, you can use thicker quilt covers. Then something lighter will be more efficient for the summer time.

If you are a pet lover and you allow them to sleep on the bed, consider the material of your cover very seriously. It is advisable that you stay away from delicate fabrics like silk or satin.

3. Thread count

This simply means the number of threads available vertically and horizontally per 10cm. Looking at this, one may assume that higher thread counts=softness and luxury. But that might not be the case as too much thread count may trap heat. Just ensure you have a good quality thread count.

4. Other features

Some features are easier to get, and others that are more versatile to machine wash. All you need is to identify more specific considerations to your preference.

Now you can go ahead and get you quilt covers with ease!

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