Duvet Cover Sets – The Best Cover Sets for Your Comforters

In the past, duvets were particularly limited to European bedrooms. Today, however, things have changed as duvets have become a fashion around the world.
Many people today know what duvets are. It shouldn’t be a surprise anyway. Duvets are comfortable, stylish and versatile. They are available in a variety of colors, designs, and fabrics. The best part is, they are suitable for people of all ages. Whether you are young or old, using a duvet will add value to the quality of your sleep.

Duvets and duvet covers – the difference

Duvets did not catch up in the UK until the 70s. They had been there in northern Europe for centuries though. In the Australia, Duvets and duvet covers seem to be still a new think on the market. Though they work as one and they serve almost similar purposes, there are differences.
A duvet is typically solid white stuffed with feathers. The word comes from a French term that means down. This is why you will find duvets often referred to as down comforters in the US. They are generally very warm and snuggly. Those that are lightweight are good for summer times.

Why do duvets need covers?

A duvet cover is just like a fabric envelope. As the name suggests, it is used to cover and protect the duvet. Pillowcases cover and protect pillow – this is the same way that duvet covers work.
A duvet is usually not very easy to wash. A cover comes to protect it from catching dirt. Instead of having to wash the whole duvet, you only wash the cover and return it on the duvet.
One side of the cover might have buttons or a zipper for closing. They are usually made with high-quality linen material.
You can easily get duvet covers the same way you buy a bed sheet set online. That makes it easy to be found.

Difference with comforters:

Normally, comforters are colored, or they have patterns, they are not solid white, which means they don’t necessarily require a cover for styling. They are used over a top sheet. This is why they don’t even require additional fabric protection from things like skin oil, sweat e.t.c.

How to choose a duvet cover:

Choosing the right duvet cover is the best way to get the most out of them. There are many colors and designs that it might be too overwhelming when you want to choose. The following are a few things to consider,
• Size. The size of your bed and other regular beddings you have determines your choice of size.
• Material. The same material that makes bed sheets are used for duvets. Many are cotton with the best quality coming from Egypt.
• Care. There is always stress when it comes to caring. This is why you need to consider an item that gives you an easy time to care for.

Best duvet cover sets for your comforters:

Most interior designers find the following five duvet covers the best on the market.
– The White Company “Savoy” bedline collection
– Third Living “Pebble” set
– Gingerlily “St Tropez” bedline range
– Made “Prism” print be set in mustard and grey
– John Lewis “Perfectly Smooth” 200-thread-count Egyptian cotton bedding
There are many other designs from which you can choose. Just consider your preferences.

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