Five Bedding Concepts for a Comfortable, Hotel-Like Bed

We spend over a third of our time lying on bed either sleeping or resting. We all want to have that comfortable feeling while on the bed. Here, we will be sharing some ideas and tips on bedding so you can have a beautiful bed that gives you comfort like an exclusive hotel bed.

Getting started :-

Your duvet is the unique place to infuse pattern, color and luxury into your room. When you are thinking about how to make your bed, give importance to every bed layer right from the bed adornment to the mattress.
One of the most significant components in the process of decorating the bed is determining the best color scheme. Colors like white which are neutral on layers are preferable neutrals for the sheets, contemporary patterns combined with monotone texture, bold colors and probably for accent portions that include:…

To get a fresh bedroom that highlights your duvet, tie in the accent color theme with the bedroom’s bedhead, a wallpaper wall after the bed or a nice looking, big wall art.

Choosing standard colors for the items while adding attractive accent pieces in bold colors and designs is the key to an stylish bed that is flexible all year. With this special approach to your bedding designs, you can easily change the bedding style to fit any mood or season.

Here are bedding tips and ideas for the five bed layers to give you that comforting rest.

Mattress and mattress toppers :-

A decent mattress is the basis to a comfortable night sleep. You can improve a mattress with a good layer under the sheets to provide a fluffy, appealing look and finish. Add a memory foam mattress pad or feather bed below your sheets. One or the other option will give your bed the marshmallow-like cover that gives you a diving appeal to the bed.

Sheets :-

The good news for you is that 300-count sheets are often cheaper than higher thread counts. A whole lot of time and money is expended on making comfortable beds for clients by hotels. The Hyatt, Hilton and Marriot have find out the way to make an appealing bed with 300-count cotton sheets. Amazingly, customers find that 300 count sheets are comfortable just like most of the higher thread count sheets obtainable.


Sleep Pillows
Pillows are vital to a bed for design and comfort. But there must be a sense of balance between too few and many pillows swallowing you up. For maximum comfort, we suggest you use two normal-sized sleeping pillows.

Decorative Pillows
After choosing the most ideal sleep pillow, it’s time to beautify the bed with attractive pillows. This is your chance to add a unique or bold feel to the bed. Choose a preferred color and pattern that improves the design of your bedroom and add some decorative combinations to your bed.

Bed cover or comforter :-

A down comforter is a real and luxurious choice as bed cover.  Down is soft and flawlessly insulating in winter or summer, making your spending on down feathers meaningful. If you are allergic to down, there are sufficient hypoallergenic down duvet options in the market. Distinguish your duvet with a quality cover.

Throw Blanket :-

A new popular piece for dressing up the bed is a throw blanket. It’s a wonderful extra layer when you are cold, while adding a modern scheme element to enhance your bed.
When choosing the finishing touches of decorative pillows and throw blanket, choose them with similar approach. The should coordinate together and function as the final touches to your lovely and deluxe hotel-like crib.

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