How to Choose Right Sheet for Your King Sized Bed

The dimensions of a bed are generally the main factor in defining the size of the bed. The dimension of the bed frame may differ, though producers choose to standardize the frame sizes to ensure conformity. Modern beds usually have similar length but vary in width. Generally, 190 – 200 centimetres are the normal length for any bed size. A super king sized bed has w width of 180-190 centimetres making it almost perfect in square.
While some super king size mattress frames are produced as a single large frame, others are done in two twin frames. Metal and wood frames were the popular frames before leather and fabric bed took over in modern day.
Owners of Super king size beds may have issues buying sheet items if they are unconscious of certain details. It is important they know the exact dimensions of their super king size bed, understand different jargons in bedding and be able to identify high quality sheets.

Quilt Cover Set Size Chart :-

Depending on where and when a mattress was purchased, buyer may be mistaking a regular king size for a super king size bed. Before going out to buy new king bed sheet set, you should be certain you actually have a super-size king mattress. The chart below will help determine actual bed sizes using standard measurements


Width (cm)

Length (cm)

Single / Bunk









Super King



In the process of buying bed sheets, buyers should make sure they get real measurements or a size chart from the supplier to make sure that the sheet can fit their mattresses easily. In case no chart is provided, the beds should be measured by the customers who should also relate the dimensions with those in the chart above in order to make sure they get it right with the size since most sellers will just write: double, single, king, or super king size in the listings.

Bedding Terms and Jargons :-

On many occasions buyers know the bed dimensions and the needed sheet size, but they are are not familiar with what they are buying when viewing an online listing for bedding. Consumers should view the sheet jargon chart for good understanding of what every term means and to better understand the listings of the seller. Below are some jargons associated with beddings

Dust Ruffle or quilt cover set Skirt :-

This is an attractive piece of material that circles the bed frame and falls down on the bed legs. It is spread between the bed frame and the mattress and hangs round the base more like a curtain. It is also called bed curtain or valance

Comforter :-

A comforter is a blanket-like mattress cover that is habitually spread above the flat sheet or use to replace it. They are not typically very fluffy but do generate a lot of warmth. They are normally reversible and can be washed with machines.

Fitted Sheet :-

A fitted bed sheet set online is a lowermost sheet that fits tightly on the mattress. Fitted sheets do have different pocket depths, which refers to the depth and thickness of the bed. The standard size is nearly 20 centimetres, but we also have deep and extra deep pocket sizes for categorically thick mattresses.

Pillow Shams :-

Pillow Shams are pretty pillowcases that often complement bedding sets. They usually match the colour, fabric, and style of the duvet or comforter.

Throw Pillows :-

These are decorative pillows that are usually square and small. People generally don’t use them as cushions to sleep on. Their coverings are normally permanent and not detachable or interchangeable.

Thread Count and Sheet Quality :-

The thread count of fabric is a good pointer of its quality. Thread count is the count of the number of threads that are in a square centimetre in any interlaced fabric. The count is calculated by getting the sum of the horizontal and vertical threads.

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