Tips on How to Take Care of Queen Bed Sheets

Once you have bought your bed sheets, you might discover that that was only the easy part. Taking care of your sheets is where the real comfort lies.

When you buy a queen bed sheet set, you have the task to wash and iron them constantly. Even those you might not be using at the moment should be kept while washed and ironed.

The biggest issue that arises when taking care of the sheets is when it comes to washing them. Many people are not aware of the best ways to do this.

Simple as it may sound; it is not easy to wash bed sheets. You have to be careful and ensure every little detail is followed to the latter.

Before you start washing them, you will need to understand your machine well. You must be sure of how much load your machine can take.

Normally, queen bed sheets are supposed to be washed in hot water setting. This ensures that all germs and bacteria are killed.

You must, however, read the washing instructions first. Some queen bed sheets are made with special fabric with washing instructions. Generally, here are tips on how to wash them properly.

Let first start with the checklist:

– Detergent: choose your most preferred detergent. This depends on the type of detergent you like. You can still use soap if you are sensitive to some products.

– Stain remover: if you queen sheet sets that are stained, you are going to have to choose a special prewash stain remover. This gives the detergent some extra power to handle the dirt.

– Dryer sheets: for those looking for softness boost, you need to swap fabric softer for easy to use dryer sheets. The softener ensures your sheets are comfortable when dried.

Common mistakes to avoid:

There are some common mistakes that people do when washing the sheets. That is why you find some unnecessary discomfort during sleep. Don’t just throw the sheets into the washer without taking the necessary steps.

For example, mixing white bed sheets with coloured ones can be a mistake. There are those that leak colors and they will ruin you perfect white. Other mistakes include;

– Not checking the washer overload.

– Using wrong washer settings.

– Putting your bed sheets to dry with towels.

Avoid these mistakes if you want to have perfectly washed bedsheets.


Brand new and existing queen bed sheets can be washed following the steps below.

• Prewash the new sheets

• Take the sheet off and put them in the washer

• Add detergent and choose washer cycles.

• Add wash supplement.

Once you have washed the sheets and dried, you will have to iron them depending on the material.

For special fabric queen bed sheets, you will have to consider specific needs for them. Materials like Silk, Satin, and linen are special and must be handled as such.

Taking care of your queen bed sheets is not very hard as you can see. What you have to do is ensure they are always clean by regularly washing.

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