Various Types of Quilt Covers That Suit Requirements

When looking for quilt covers, it is not just about what you find on the market; it is about what suits you the most. This is why you need to understand the various types on the market. They differ based on material and size.

Material consideration

There are many types all made with different materials and fabric to suit different needs. Some who are mostly available in other regions might not be in others. You will have to put in all these considerations to settle for the best item.
Cotton has been and continued to be the best material on the market. It is more comfortable, lasts longer and has more breathability.
Linen is another wonderful material especially for those in hot areas. The only thing is, you will have to be ready for serious ironing.


Whether you are buying a new mattress or simply replacing you quilt covers, it is essential that you understand how they differ. Available quilt covers on the market differ based on their sizes. Even the names they are called by suggesting how big or small they are.
Sizes, however, are not the same in all countries. Every region has their standards of measurement, which is why one size in a particular region might seem to be different in the other.
The size of the bed determines the type of quilt cover you choose. It will not make any sense choosing a small quilt cover for a huge mattress.
The goal of a perfect selection is to ensure your needs and requirements are met. It will not be so until you understand the various types available. The following are the most common types based on size.

Single quilt cover size

This is the smallest cover on the market. The sizes range from 140cm by 210cm to 163cm to 218cm depending on the region. The former is for Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and New Zealand while the latter is for USA and Canada.

Double quilt cover size
Double quilt cover size is the second smallest from single covers. They measure 160cm x 210cm in Australia and Indonesia. For New Zealand, the size is 180cm x 210cm while for US and Canada; it is 201cm x 218cm. This size is not currently applicable for Singapore.

Queen quilt cover size:

There are more queen size quilt cover for sale today more than any other type. Perhaps because they are ladies favorite, who are shopping enthusiasts.
These covers measure 210cm x 210cm in Australia Indonesia, Singapore, and New Zealand. In the USA and Canada, it measures 229 by 229cm.

King quilt cover size:

This is the second biggest quilt cover type on the market. It measures 245cm by 210cm in Australia and Indonesia. The size for Singapore is 246cm x 210 cm while for US and Canada, it measures 269cm x 229cm.

Super king quilt cover size:

This is the largest size on the market. It measures 25cm x 240cm in Australia, 260 x 230cm in Indonesia, 265cm x 210cm in New Zealand and 284cm x 229cm for USA/Canada.
Now that you know the types available, it should be easy to choose one that meets your requirements.

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